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山崎蒸溜所で55年以上熟成を重ねた希少な山崎モルト原酒の中から、1964年蒸溜のホワイトオーク樽原酒や1960年蒸溜のミズナラ樽原酒など、熟成のピークを迎えた原酒を厳選し、匠の技で丁寧にブレンドしました。"Suntory's oldest single malt whiskey" Yamazaki 55 years "
From the rare Yamazaki malt raw liquor that has been aged for over 55 years at the Yamazaki Distillery, we carefully selected the raw liquor that reached the peak of aging, such as the white oak barrel brewed in 1964 and the Mizunara barrel brewed in 1960. It was carefully blended with the technique of. "

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